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AEROCARE AVIATION SERVICES LTD (AAS) bringing UV Anti-Coronavirus Technology to Europe

By 16th April 2020Press

AAS are now working with WinMar Engineering Technologies LLC, supported by FAR UV-Sterilray Excimer Wave Technology to sell their ground-breaking anti-virus technology in the UK and Northern Europe.

AAS is now an approved sales agent for WinMar Engineering Technologies LLC of the US; able to market and sell their Engineering designs and their product support of FAR-UV Sterilray Excimer Wave Technology™ patented anti-virus/ anti- bacterial air & surface instantaneous disinfection products across the UK and Northern Europe. The technology is unmatched for speed, convenience and effectiveness in combating the spread of pathogens (viral and bacterial agents) both on surfaces and in the air.

FAR-UV Sterilray Excimer Wave Technology™ are quick, dry, safe disinfection techniques. They are safe to human exposure (not yet certified by the FDA) without side-effect, and proven to provide significant (below infection level) reduction in pathogens in living and work spaces, overcoming the shortfalls of HEPA-F only approaches (High Effectiveness Particular Air-Filters) which can fail to capture the smaller viral particles. The products do not damage surfaces, nor corrode, and do not require large amounts of power to operate.

The technology comes in many forms and is available now. From simple rail lamp solutions, fans, overhead lamps, standing sources for rooms, robotic sources for multiple room spaces, to wand format (more effective than bleach and available for mains or battery operation). With lamp lives measured in years, this is a cost-effective way to combat both current and potential future pandemics.

If you want to learn more about the medical evidence and testing that underpins these products, please get in touch. Further detail on pricing; and the products themselves will be available on our Twitter and Linkedin feeds, (please follow the links below to access that information).

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