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ADS-B. Are you ready?

By 4th September 2018Press

Is your aircraft ready for June 2020? If you don’t have ADS-B equipped by that date you will be grounded. Both Rockwell and Honeywell are advising that as the deadline draws closer their capacity to support upgrades will be challenging. We would urge you to think, and plan ahead to avoid disappointment.

Aerocare Aviation services are supporting an increasing number of ADS-B upgrades and are able to offer a variety of options across our approved types, but we’re already seeing an upsurge in applications to install, especially so as we are both a Rockwell-Collins dealer and an approved Honeywell installer.

Please come and talk to us about your preferred ADS-B upgrade and book in early. The Both the US and the EU have limited capacity to meet the demand. We’d like your business booked in so we can serve you best a

ADS-B. Don't be optimistic. Be ready!

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